I’m in my last semester toward getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing. This semester is my Senior Project and I have decided that my project will be to complete Chapter 1 of this comic.  I will be working on new artwork, pages, and expanded story for a Chapter 1 reboot sometime this winter and more this coming spring. I’m anticipating a launch of this new content sometime later in the spring. With that in mind, I plan to start uploading these new pages in early May. The exact launch day is still TBD, but I will be continuing to post updates here with relative frequency. I will be releasing an animated promo for Chapter 1 within the next few months with updates to follow.

P.S.- I will be taking down all the current pages on February 4th in preparation for the launch of this new content. Just thought you guys could use the fair warning. That being said, if you have any desire to re-view old pages, I will keep all old content on both of my Deviantart pages.



I hope you guys are excited.

-Lord Arik