I wanted to post this here for any of you who missed it on the Facebook page:

The beginning of Chapter 2 is being delayed for the time being because of this thing called life. Translation: I’m a college student and recently classes have been kickin’ my ass. Classwork has been kind of overwhelming these past couple of weeks and it has turned into an ongoing problem. As a result, the quality of artwork I’ve been pumping out for the comic has suffered. So now, Chapter 1 will finish as originally planned, but following its completion will be a hiatus of undetermined length as I figure everything else out. For the time being, I’m placing the comic on the back burner. I will still be working on the comic when I can afford to spend time on it without being distracted or otherwise preoccupied. In addition, when it comes down to it, I would rather be able to focus all my time and effort into making the highest quality content that I am able. You, as my fans deserve that much and I know that I, as its creator, can do better. When Chapter 2 is finally launched, the wait will be worth it as I bring my full game to the table.

Thanks in advance for understanding. I will continue to provide you guys with updates going forward.

Lord Arik