Real Name: Sig Conley

Profession: Bank Robber/Mercenary (former construction worker)

Age: 33

Height: 8’5″

Weight: 865 lbs

Hair: None (facial hair would be white)

Eyes: Icy blue

Powers: Superhuman strength and durability, ability to freeze and manipulate water within and around his body, high resistance to sickness, disease, and toxins.

Human abilities of note: Fundamental understanding of building structures and core weaknesses, extremely tenacious and bull-headed in the face of overwhelming odds.

The child of two slums-inhabiting vagrants, Sig Conley was heavily exposed to radiation before and after his birth, resulting in heavy mutations, and deformity of the bones and face. Due to his freakish and weak appearance, his parents left him on the street to die in the middle of winter. A miraculous turn of events found Sue Conley wandering onto that street corner to find him. Being a warm-hearted and compassionate woman, Miss Conley brought him into her home, filing adoption papers. She loved him greatly, but for his own safety (looking like he did) she kept him inside most of the time, home-schooled him, and made him conceal himself on his limited trips outside. Despite being weak and sickly for some time as a toddler, Sig’s body began to recover, developing a quickly strengthening immune system as well as bodily strength and muscle. Barely into his teens, Sig measured at 6’5″ and had thick, ropy arms, tree trunk legs, and an immense chest. He also discovered he could freeze and manipulate the water within and around his body, likely the result of such a long exposure to the cold with a quickly mutating body.