Dark Flame

Dark Flame

Real Name: Sean Price

Profession: Bank Robber/Mercenary (former biochemist)

Age: 27

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 190 lbs

Hair: None (previously blonde)

Eyes: Orange/Reptilian (previously blue)

Powers (on tranquilizing serum): Creation and manipulation of all states of Chemical Darkness, Fire creation and manipulation, enhanced durability and accelerated recovery rate.

(off tranquilizing serum): Rage-induced (emotional overload caused by damaged neural pathways and minor brain damage) superhuman strength and durability and greatly intensified powers.

Human abilities of note: Exceptional intelligence, vast expertise in chemistry and biology, working knowledge of basic mechanical engineering, highly pragmatic and rational problem solving and strategizing skills, impressive ability to adapt and improvise.

Sean Price always had a deep and passionate interest for science and knowledge (and the intelligence and aptitude for it too) Despite a difficult home life and heavy bullying in school, he strove for academic and intellectual greatness. With an abusive and indifferent father who spent most of his money on booze and gambling and an older brother who tormented him daily, young and intelligent Sean put himself through college and earned his doctorate by the age of twenty-three. Shortly thereafter, he got a job working for a government R&D laboratory studying a chemical compound known as Chemical Darkness or corridium noxxate. A year later, an unfortunate fire arose in the lab, igniting the highly flammable and volatile Chemical Darkness and engulfing Sean in dark flame.