Silent Blade

Silent Blade

Real Name: Cynthia Hill

Profession: Bank Robber/Mercenary/Professional Thief

Age: 23

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Powers: None

Human abilities of note: Intense physical training, highly agile and acrobatic, possesses lightning quick reflexes, highly trained in stealth and infiltration tactics, highly trained mental acuity and discipline, exceptional intelligence, use of advanced technological tools, weapons, and armor.

Cynthia Hill was born into a very wealthy family in England. As a result, she had an exceptional education and upbringing. However, when the war reached a massive boiling point and destruction began to spread into major cities, her parents died in a car crash in the midst of raining artillery. She was fifteen at the time. Without any immediate family to take her in and with the war going on and not being of legal age to accept her inheritance, Cynthia ended up jumping between foster homes along with many other orphan girls of the war. Miserable and angry at her newfound situation, she lashed out at her fellow foster-home girls and foster parents. As a result, she ended up in a lot of fights and, not getting along with her peers, spent a lot of time alone (and preferring it.) At the age of 18, she left the foster home and found that her inheritance (which should have been waiting for her) had somehow been stolen away by a corrupt financial institution. With the records of her inheritance vanished, she ended up on the streets with no legal recourse. Not one to let life hold her down, she took on an intense one woman crusade to steal her money back and get revenge on those who had doomed her to this life, all while homeless and struggling to eat and survive.