Hi all,

I’m currently waiting for the printed books of my comic to go up on IndyPlanet.us It’s currently in their queue for submissions and I’m hoping it won’t take too long, but they have not given me a date.

In the meantime, I thought I’d mention that I’m also planning to sell a variant edition of 1.1 with the variant cover and one additional piece of artwork. This one will be priced at $9.99, which is closer to the pricing I have planned for future issues. I wanted a cheaper option for this first book, which is why the original is priced at 5.99 and will stay this way, at least well into the future.

So, if you guys want the book with a, in my opinion, much nicer cover and an additional piece of artwork (this one is never before seen exclusive), then the Variant version is an option for you.

Thanks guys for being patient,

–Lord Arik