February 8th,

This past week, I laid out a schedule for myself, detailing when I want to be finished with each part of the project. This will help me to make sure that I am able to finish the whole project with plenty of time left for set up and installation. I finished all of my storyboarding and drafting last Wednesday, a day ahead of schedule. Then on Thursday, I drew and inked my cover art for this first issue. My plan was to have the cover art completely drawn, inked, and colored by today, but on Saturday, I realized it made more sense to instead go ahead and start drawing pages.

On Friday I did, however, get the inked cover art scanned into a computer file in sections. Now I will just have to piece it together and get it colored and add the title and other information in Photoshop and Illustrator. On Friday I had an art exhibition at home and took the rest of the day to focus entirely on that. Saturday, I was still at home and that’s when I decided to start drawing new pages. I started drawing the first page and since the first panel is a very wide/large establishing shot of the city it required a lot more intricate detailing and took me most of the day, by which point I was too drained to draw the other two panels. Yesterday and today I spent my time finishing drawing and inking that first page. I plan on drawing and inking the second page, or at least starting, if time permits.

Despite all this re-figuring of my process and schedule and taking a few days to draw and ink one page, I still find myself a good day or two ahead of my original schedule, with my cover art and first page completely drawn and inked by today instead of just finishing up with my cover. These next several weeks I will spend drawing and inking two to three pages of content every day. I planned to finish with all the inked pages by Wednesday, March 2nd so that I can start the long and tedious process of preparing everything digitally and getting it all colored in Photoshop.

–Lord Arik

First Panel Establishing Shot–Took me forever. Quality was definitely well worth the time.

Cover Art Basic Inking