Hey all,

I’ve started work on the second issue of chapter 2 while waiting for my print-test books to arrive. There was a little bit of a delay on the printing end regarding my files, but they should be arriving soon. I also noticed a small error today that needed to be fixed in the final but realized it a bit too late as the printing got done and shipped out earlier today. I ordered a few more, with the fixed files, which should arrive next week. It’s been a bit of a mess, this being the first time through, but they’re now little kinks I’m aware of to avoid next time and things will go much smoother in the future.

As for Issue 2.2, I have had all the story laid out for a while, so now it’s just a matter of drafting out my pages and panels and finishing up some concept art for world building/characters before I move onto the final artwork phase. As always, I’ll do my best to keep y’all updated on everything that’s happening.

I hope you’re all excited for Issue 1 to drop.

Thanks for being awesome fans. XD

–Lord Arik